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Project Margdarshan

Breaking generational cycle of illiteracy parental and community attitude that holds back children's education especially girls from late primary school age and thereafter. Swapna aims to promote the right of children to have quality education providing learning opportunities to children in those areas that have never had a school. Besides teaching basic education we teach them *moral values, arts and crafts, sports* and other essential and interest based things, that can bring out the most unique in them, along with teaching and educating their parents about the importance and their right to 'education'. Also, inculcating in them moral values to respect all the people irrespective of their genders, caste, colour, or preferences.
Expanding the horizon of the Mission, we also have been interacting with women on the topics that have been made 'taboo' like menstruation, female infanticide and other topics like sexual assual, domestic violence, making them understand their *basic constitutional rights* and *good and bad touch* to empower women to combat against all odds, making them self dependent and *courageous*.
Rangers of Swapna believes that *"With the power of voice, and togetherness we can fight against biggest evils!*

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Project Umang

Of these vast problems and issues in the world, hunger remains on the top. Statistics soars with the data stating the number of innocents giving up on their life as they couldn't make it up to *one time meal.*
If we all gather the courage to serve one meal to a person who is on the verge of losing hopes, together we can save hundreds of lives.
Swapna believes " _If we can conquer moon, we can conquer poverty and starvation too!_ " We have been working to eradicate hunger and malnutrition with an to reach out to roadside sheltered, elderly or those who sleep with hungry stomach through channelising quality meals. At the right time! To the right people!

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Bhumitra Initiative

_Trees are the Life of world without them human race can not survive._ In today's world, we have seen how the lungs of earth is destroyed whether through natural cause or unnatural, to protect the environment, protecting lives of beings, Swapna has taken an initiative to plant more trees and make a greener Earth. We have been working to save our environment by planting saplings, sperading awareness about how our environment is being affected and telling what bit people can do to save it.

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Paw Ranger

Throughout the history, animals have been revered for unconditional love they shed even without uttering a word. It is, however, witnessed how they still starve for a daily meal. We have been working to improve the condition of stray animals with animal lover volunteers from different areas who feed them in different part of the city with a quality meal. We aim to provide these four legged beings with a daily meal and nurture them with gentleness and kindness that they deserve, but often do not receive.

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Street Kaksha

A city is on thin ice when you find that for a particular section of the society "Livelihood is more important than Education". When “good” schools of the city fail to accept the street kids and “good” teachers do not want to teach- the future of these poverty-stricken children is bound to hang by a thread. To come to the rescue, Swapna has initiated Street Kaksha.
This method of education doesn’t involve bench and desk, a team of dedicated teachers and joyful students in a portable classroom.
In One-hour learning, sessions start with students performing prayers, learning about good and bad habits/touch, sex education, career development. This helps them to protect themselves or at least give them a clear understanding of the situations around them. Further, these practices help them to focus and concentrate on their studies in tough circumstances

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About Us

Swapna Foundation believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Following this model of Civic Driven Change, Swapna Foundation sensitizes and engages the civil society, making it an active partner in all its welfare initiatives.

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