Our Mission

Swapna Foundation is student-run student-volunteered Non Profit Organisation that strives everyday to make the world a better place to live for all living creatures. The word “Swapna” translates to a Dream and at Swapna, we dream for the welfare of society at any cost in any way, if it would be by educating the younger generations or by cleaning the roads of the city and banks of the river.

Swapna was established in the year 2019 and has since been “Spreading Smiles” amongst the people of Lucknow and our squad of “Swapna Rangers” comprises of youngbuds from all colleges and schools across the city of Lucknow, stepping out on daily basis to spread smiles and spreading the positivity our society dearly needs in the times of today.

We work for the well being of the society, be it from educating the younglings who are deprived of the basic education to feeding the people out there with the nourishment they deserve but unfortunately can’t get it, from helping the women to stand for themselves and help them empower to helping our cute furry friends out there on the streets who deserve all our love and attention and from planting trees and saplings to make our atmosphere greener and with more fresh breathable air to cleaning the roads, river and its banks of the city of Lucknow to make it an ornament for our city’s pride and creating awareness among people for all of it. YES WE DO IT ALL!.

Our Vision

"A society full of positivity, smiles with clear hearts and mind.” - and there’s more to it, it is our ambition to be there for everything our Mother Earth has given to us, humans, pets, trees, land, food and peace. We want to repair the damages happened to all of these in the most positive ways to leave and create something our future generations would cherish wether it’s a clean water body or mentality. We work for the blessings of those who are unprivileged and struggling for even a day’s bread, we want to serve them in every way so that they sleep with a full stomach with clothes covering their body from weather and a mindset of being self-able to do and make something in their lives to make it better.

About Us

Swapna Foundation believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Following this model of Civic Driven Change, Swapna Foundation sensitizes and engages the civil society, making it an active partner in all its welfare initiatives.

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